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Pet Wellness And Prevention

At Lovell Animal Hospital, we take an individualized approach to everything we do. When you bring your cat, dog, or guinea pig to us for an annual wellness checkup, our recommendations and treatments will be tailored to your pet’s specific needs in regard to age, activity level, daily habits, and health conditions.

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Pet Wellness And Prevention

We allocate 30 minutes for every appointment so that we can perform a thorough exam and make proper recommendations. At your pet’s checkup, Dr. Sherri will perform a complete exam that includes looking in your pet’s mouth and ears. When necessary, she might also request bloodwork and fecal or urine samples. Dr. Sherri will also administer appropriate vaccines and parasite control. Every cat and dog in Tennessee must be vaccinated against rabies, but all other vaccine recommendations will be based upon your pet’s individual circumstances and risk factors. Dr. Sherri will fully discuss all options with you and answer any questions you might have.

Call us today to schedule your pet’s checkup. We look forward to helping the pets in our community live long, healthful lives with the families who love them!