Pet Grooming

Professional grooming is more than just a way to keep your dog picture-perfect and smelling fresh; it can also be a valuable tool for maintaining your pet’s health and wellness.

Pet Grooming service image

Pet Grooming

Lovell Animal Hospital is pleased to offer quality, compassionate pet grooming. Our experienced groomers have an in-depth understanding of the specific needs of different breeds. 

Grooming appointments also provide an opportunity for the groomer to check for lumps/bumps, fleas/ticks, ear infections, and other issues hidden by your pet’s fur that could worsen over time if not treated. For your peace of mind, Dr. Sherri can examine your pet should our groomer uncover any concerns. If any external parasites are spotted, your pet will be treated accordingly and a charge will be added.

Grooming Package

Your dog’s grooming visit includes a full range of services designed to help your pet look and feel his or her best. Each appointment includes:

Haircut to suit breed-specific standards or your own preferences

Bath and comb out

Ear cleaning

Anal gland expression

Nail trimming

A La Carte Options

A selection of other services (for added charges) are available so that you can customize your dog’s grooming experience:

Grinding and smoothing of nails with a dremel

Teeth brushing

Medicated shampoos


Drop-offs Welcome

For your convenience, we accept drop-off appointments for grooming services. You can drop off your dog before work, and a happy, well-groomed dog will be waiting for you when you return!

Please call us today to schedule your dog’s grooming appointment.